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Essential Oils

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Pet Communication

The first time I realized I could fully understand and communicate with animals I was seven years old. Growing up we always had cats. One day after coming home from school one of the cats (Dobbys) was stuck on the top of the house. I could feel that he was afraid to jump down to get off the roof. I told him I would catch him. Dobbys jumped off the roof and into my arms. From that day forward I have found that animals “come to me”. They show up in need of something – food, or sometimes they need Veterinarian care. I use my gifts of communication and healing to help the pet to talk to their human family. I use both shamanic skills and Reiki to help heal the pet. This in no way replaces the use of a Veterinarian should the animal’s illness or injury require modern medical evaluation and support. My work supports with them to help the animals heal faster or go through the experience in a calmer state.

price 150.00


What is the deal with all these people who mediate? Mediation is used for insight, clarity, or to achieve peace of mind. It helps you to relax and to refocus on what it is that is important to you. Everyone has daily stresses. Mediation can be used to help you slow down and take a breath.

Guided mediation price 30.00

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a powerful spiritual tool. I use my intuitive gifts and spirit guides, along with the cards, to clarify questions you may have. I am a very direct person; I will tell you like it is even if you don’t want to hear it. I will help you step outside of your limiting stories.

30 mins – $60.00
60 mins – $120.00

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

Events and parties

I would love to do readings for your event or parties!

Events 100.00 1 hour

Shamanic Healing

The illumination is a form of energy healing. It helps you to let go of emotional pain and specific behavioral problems (such as the loss of a parent or a pet). The illumination helps you to dig deep to let go of the emotions attached to the loss. I will check your energy field and clear your chakras. I will refill your chakra’s with healing light energy. I will also check for any cords that may be attached and cut them. After this is complete I will either do a Soul Retrieval or a Destiny Retrieval. This process will take 60-90 minutes. A shamanic healing should only be done by a trained shamanic healer.

Shamanic Healing Price: $185.00


Past Life Regression

Past life regression connects you to who you were in a past life. I can help you to better understand yourself. It can help you to understand why you are so into Egyptian or Roman time periods, why you feel drawn to or repulsed by certain parts of the world. It can also help you to understand why you have phobias, or why you are drawn towards a person.


Clearing or Blessing a Space

Have you ever walked inside someone’s house and felt “creeped” out? Or moved into a new house or apartment and felt uncomfortable? Maybe you opened a new business and you want the old energy out. A clearing is done to get rid of any negative or unwanted energy that might be in your space. I clear the negative junk and replace it with light energy.

$100.00 per 1 hour

Step Out of Your Story

Well what does that mean?! It means something happened, a loved one said or did something you didn’t agree with. You became emotional or even angry. You start telling people or even looping the story inside your head. You start thinking about it frequently, putting both time and energy into the stories. Even though you know it will not change what happened. When you tell your stories you are anchoring something that is not for your highest good. I will teach you how to step outside of the stories for your highest good.

$85.00 per 1 hour